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ABOUT       Tess Howsam


Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary artist, Tess Howsam curates and directs ekphrastic shows that blend theater, installation art, and performance. Howsam seeks to subvert theatrical expectations while building cross-disciplinary collaborations rooted in story and collaboration, viewing art as a dialogue to address contemporary sociological, political, and environmental issues.

Howsam is the Founding Artistic Director of the Exquisite Corpse Company (2012-present).

Her installation Corseted Community is a part of an international exhibit Puentes - No Muros/ Bridges - Not Walls, (El Centro de las Artes de Querétaro (CEART) Querétaro, Mexico, March 2018/ Casa de Europa Mexico, San Miguel, Mexico, October 2018).

She has worked as performer/director in a variety of New York venues including Arts@Renaissance, The Barrow Group Theater, Brooklyn Lyceum, Bushwick Starr, Dixon Place, Galapagos Art Space, Governors Island, HERE Art Space, Jimmy's no.43, Signature Theatre, Soho Playhouse, and The Living Theater.​

Howsam has participated as an Artist in Residence at a number of institutions in NYC and abroad. 

MFA-Interdisciplinary Arts: Goddard College, Washington
BA - Theater: Bard College, New York

Directing (Selected)

Water, Water, Everywhere...

By Leah Barker, Blake Bishton, Emily Krause, Elinor T. Vanderburg      2019               Governors Island Artist Residency

The Chechens                                                                     2018                RAW Space Residency at The Parlour

By Phillip Christian Smith

A Ribbon About A Bomb                                                  2017                Governors Island Artist Residency

By Karina Billini, Blake Bishton, Phillip Christian Smith,

Georgina Escobar, Emily Krause, Elizagrace Madrone,

Alexandra Paola, Alexis Roblan, Carmen Rivera, Alisa Zhulina


The Soup Play                                                                    2017                 Dixon Place, New York    

By Alexis Roblan


The Enchanted Realm of Rene Magritte                         2016                 Governors Island Artist Residency

By T. Adamson, Blake Bishton, Simon de Carvalho,

Eric Marlin, Matthew Minnicino, Ran Xia, Emily Zemba,

Laura Zlatos


Unitiled #3

By Matthew Minnicino, Laura Zlatos                                             2016                 Colorado Springs Fine Art Center, Colorado


Secession 2015                                                                    2015                 The Pearl, New Orleans

By Leah Barker, Blake Bishton, Simon de Carvalho,

Jessica Nelson, Matthew Minnicino, Alexis Roblan,

Laura Zlatos


Secession 2015                                                                    2015                 Governors Island Artist Residency

By Leah Barker, Blake Bishton, Simon de Carvalho,

Jessica Nelson, Matthew Minnicino, Alexis Roblan,

Laura Zlatos


WareART: SubTerra                                                        2014                 Galapagos Art Space, New York

Fashion Dance Show


ODD.A.SEE                                                                      2013                  Arts @Renaissance, New York

By Blake Bishton, Laura Rose Zlatos,

Lavinia Roberts, Matthew Minnicino, and Tess Howsam


Artistic Administration / Leadership

Exquisite Corpse Company:   Founding Artistic Director 2012 - Present


Education / Training

Goddard College, Port Townsend SE -- MFA, Interdisciplinary Arts 2019 

Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson NY -- BA, Theater  2010

British American Drama Academy  - London Preacting program 2008






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