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A Ribbon About A Bomb

Exquisite Corpse Company invites you to a wedding...or perhaps a funeral...


...Join the celebration and jump to the surreal world of A Ribbon About a Bomb.  Wander with Frida Kahlo, Remedios Varo, and Leonora Carrington through the abandoned halls of a mansion on Governors Island.  Audiences will cycle and muse on, as often the artists did in life, the duality of humanity, womanhood, and art.  The captivating, sometimes terrifying, work of these three women intertwine, as each attempts to shape their own reality in the face of systematic oppression and entrenched social hierarchies.  

Directed by Tess Howsam and written by a diverse team of ten playwrights, the play will feature an original score by KG Garligton and will be performed within original art installations.  The show’s premiere installation, Corseted Community is an artistic collaboration lead by Tess Howsam and Mila Villasana.  It showcases women artist forms America and Mexico. The project functions as a bridge of artistic disciplines and cultural boundaries, embodying women’s roles in a tempestuous, fragmented world.  Corseted Community will be open to the public regularly, as well as incorporated into the performance.  The show will also highlight an exciting partnership with Nineteenth Amendment, whose designers will be creating costumes specifically for the show, inspired by the production’s source material.


Written by Karina Billini,Blake Bishton,Phillip Christian Smith

Georgina Escobar,Emily Krause,Elizagrace Madrone

Alexandra Paola, Alexis Roblan, Carmen Rivera, Alisa Zhulina

created & directed by Tess Howsam


technical direction Lee Collins

stage manager Jillian Goldstein

lighting design by Sara Gosses

sound design by Carsen Joenk

costume design by Matsy Stinson

fashion partner Nineteenth Amendment

dramaturgy Carsen Joenk

original score by KG Garlington

art design by Andrea Caldarise, Lee Collins, Tess Howsam

Mila Villasana

featuring Christin Cato, Stephanie Chloe Hepner, Mindy Leanse, Andrea Lopez, Blaire O’Leary, Sara Ornelas, Robyn Unger,,Rosie Yadid

Zosha Warpeha





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